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Candidate for Happy Valley City Council
Public Safety Champion
Community Volunteer
Advocate for All


About Me

Happy Valley is my home and I want to help make it an even better place to live, for kids, young families, seniors, and everyone in between.

I was born in Oregon and grew up in Beaverton.  Spending a lot of my childhood with family in Yamhill County and Curry County gave me a unique rural perspective and appreciation for different lifestyles.  I graduated from Westview High School and then attended community college.  As the daughter of two veterans, yet raised by a strong single Mom, my childhood instilled in me the value of service to others.  I was taught that when you see something wrong, you stand up and fix it.  Those words of wisdom have guided me.  I am a patriot and I believe in democracy and doing the right thing, even when it's hard.

I've been married to my husband Mike for fifteen years, and we have two daughters.  Because he works a demanding job and affordable childcare was out of reach, I have been a stay at home Mom for the last nine years.  During this time, I have chosen to volunteer in my community and work to make my neighborhood and city a better place.  Serving as the Vice President of my HOA and now on the Happy Valley Traffic and Public Safety Committee, has helped me to stay engaged in my community.  As a volunteer at my children’s school, the Wichita Center, PDX Diaper Bank, and as a SOLVE Volunteer Leader, I have focused on how to best impact women, children, and the environment.

I recently returned to work as a Legislative Assistant for Representative Janelle Bynum.  I have learned at the legislature how the state gives local governments crucial supports.  Being on the front lines solidified my passion to get more involved.  I've seen what happens when people of all types work together, and what happens when partisan lines are drawn. 

There is more that unites us than divides us.  We are more alike than different, and I know that we can come together to make Happy Valley a better place for everyone.  ​



Public Safety

Serving on the Happy Valley Traffic and Public Safety Committee has been very meaningful to me.  I've been on this Committee since January of 2018, and have been appointed by two different Mayors.  I was also on the Police Levy Committee in 2019.  I am so glad this Levy passed!  Happy Valley is a very safe community and I'd like to keep it that way.

The Environment

As a native Oregonian, I know how important it is to have clean water and fresh air.  My family enjoys hiking, camping, and playing outside as much as we can.  Happy Valley's greenspace, hiking trails, trees, and parks are a community treasure.  Thanks to the hard work of Representative Janelle Bynum, Happy Valley has successfully taken control of its own parks department.


As a Mom of two young daughters, I am an active volunteer in the North Clackamas School District.  I attended public schools and I know how education can open new doors for all students.  I would like to see education prioritized by the local government, with more involvement in local schools and shaping our future civic leaders.


Why I'm Running

Happy Valley is my home, and I am proud to raise my children here.  I want to represent Happy Valley because this community deserves leaders who fight for equity, show up when times are tough, and bring people together for a stronger community. I will be a fierce advocate for you and lead our City into growth that is equitable for all. 

Raising a young family here, I have first hand experience driving on our roads, checking out books at the Library, hiking Scouter's Mountain, trying to find a big enough parking spot at the grocery store, and watching the trees get cut down, while more houses get built.  My Mom also lives in Happy Valley, and the needs of seniors are not just conjecture, they are my reality.  Accessible areas are needed for everyone in our community.

Planning for the future of Happy Valley requires that we balance both development and quality of life.  During this time of unprecedented growth and change, our City deserves leadership that will fight for the livability and safety of our community.  I love supporting small businesses and welcome the opportunity to bring more variety to Happy Valley.  We need to not only live here, but also to work, play, eat, walk, drive, shop, age in place, and thrive.


I stand with Jennifer because...

"Jennifer can communicate easily and effectively with many types of people.  She loves people, works hard and always lifts the spirits of those around her.  I believe these are the characteristics and qualities that make someone a good fit for public office."

Rachel Prusak
State Representative

"Jennifer has a deep understanding of the issues facing Happy Valley.  She has a large network in Happy Valley, Clackamas County, and the state of Oregon.  Jennifer will be a great addition to the Happy Valley City Council."

Shemia Fagan
State Senator

"Jennifer is a local leader that many look to for action based solutions when resolution is needed.  Her ability to connect resources and people is an excellent skill.  Even when things are tough in choosing to lead, Jennifer doesn't shy away from a challenge."

Libra Forde
North Clackamas School Board Member

“Jennifer is a true leader. She is compassionate and empathetic, she listens and tries her best always.  I have worked with her on issues relating to the school district.  She keeps an open mind and is willing to put in the work that is needed to effect change."

Steven Schroedl
North Clackamas School Board Member

"Ms Brownlee is a bright, energetic, thoughtful community organizer.  She is passionate about public education, environmental issues, and social justice.  Her natural leadership inspires confidence and action in those around her."

April Dobson
Community Organizer
Happy Valley Resident


Mark Gamba
Milwaukie Mayor

"In the decade that I have known Jennifer, she has always been a force, leading with compassion and positivity. She is incredibly knowledgeable in regards to local, pertinent issues and will step up and be the voice of integrity and change when it is needed.  The city of Happy Valley is growing and expanding rapidly, therefore, a dynamic leader like Jennifer, will only benefit us all in this amazing community we get to call home."

Gina Noyes
Assistant Teacher
Happy Valley Resident

"Jen is very driven by a solid need to do the right thing.  Her leadership would ensure that everyone has someone fighting for them who is spirited, brave, and ready to stand for what needs to be done."

Arianna Bradford
Happy Valley Resident

"Jennifer is effective and gets things done. She is a champion for education, the environment, safety, community planning, social justice, and many more issues to impact The City of Happy Valley and beyond. It is an honor and a pleasure to highly endorse Jennifer for political office."

Lisa Layton
Happy Valley Resident

"Jen is passionate about every cause she takes on.  I have known her since 2014 and I'm happy to call her my friend.  She is inclusive of everyone and always gets the job done.  Vote for her!"

Lisa Ewers
PTO Secretary
Oregon Trail Elementary

"Jennifer is one of the most giving people that I have ever met.  She sets such a wonderful example for her daughters and our families as she regularly gives back to those in need in our area.  She is action based and motivated by her love for her community and doing the right thing."

Katie Dunn
Happy Valley Resident for 19 years

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